Friday 8 January 2010

Art 'n' Soul - Circle Book

Last year I was invited by Art 'n' Soul to participate in their challenge group. Their projects are just amazing and very appealing. This is the very first project I take part in: to create a Circle Book - scary and exciting at the same time. The instructions were provided by Viv (she creates the most amazing items).
The only thing I had to do was to decide on a theme and then follow the instructions - how difficult could this be ........... (lol) ...... it was VERY difficult!

Circle Book theme: Season Celebrations - title: "To enjoy the flavour of life, take big bites." by Robert Heinlein
Front Cover
The book consists of four pages. It will open up into a circle once the bow has been undone. The ribbons are held in place by staples, ricrac ribbon sits between the pages just peering over the edges. And throughout the book you will find a lot of distressing of the edges of the pages and the embellishments.

Spring: love, new bginnings and life in general

Summer: the joy of summer holidays and travel happiness

Autumn: Halloween, lots of pumpkins and Thanksgiving

Winter: Christmas and Welcome to a New Year

Back Cover
It was a real challenge but I thoroughly enjoyed the process of making the book.
Have a nice weekend and stay safe in the wintry weather. Petra.


Sherry said...

Love your beautiful book - so much detail inside.

Jan said...

I love this..... fantastic design and so much to look at. Lovely blogs too Petrab... and all those cakes.... yummy!!

Unknown said...

With Heinlein, do you mean the SciFi author?

PetraB said...

Hallo Sven, Yes, Robert Heinlein is the Sci-Fi author and the quote is actually slightly incomplete. It goes: To enjoy the flavour of love, take big bites. Moderation is for monks. Maybe too many letters to put on a stamp :-) Petra.

PetraB said...

Me again, sorry I meant life not love - maybe wishful thinking (lol) Petra.

Viv said...

Thank you for the lovely compliment Petra! This is a truly fabulous book - am so glad you entered the challenge..... now the rest of the 'Soul Sisters and their Backing Singers' (LOL) want this book... shall have to keep them in line I think!!!

My name is Cindy said...

What a beautiful book - love the ribbon detail between the pages. Am just going to have a go at this, not sure I will make the challenge but we'll see........ how difficult was it again? lol

Pattie said...

Woohooo I think this is mine Petra !! so pleased we are swapping !
Pattie x

Lisa from TX said...

Where can I find instructions for making a circle book? I like the challenge of something new and different.


PetraB said...

Hallo Lisa, Sorry I couldn't reply directly to your email but I was also not able to find your blog :-( Hope that you come back to check the comments on this post for the instructions:
* photo instructions here
If you need any further details, please let me know. Petra.xx

keineisteinek said...

Inner corners look cosy, especially on the autumn page.
Thank you for sharing the link.


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