Monday 7 December 2009

Crunchy Flowers - How To

Thank you for all the interest in how I created the crunchy flowers on my last matchbox so I thought I just give some tips. It is really very easy:
Cut your card (I prefer slightly thicker card, I think it gives a better result) in any flower shape you like (I stamped a pointsettia from Elzybells onto slightly patterned card and then I had to cut out the flowers.)

Now you need a bowl of water and off you go:

soak the card (the card flowers floating in the water look actually quite nice :-) )

take the card out of the water and crunch it. Don't worry card is much tougher than you might think.

Now open up your little parcels and give the flowers any shape you like. Leave them to dry before using them on your project. When fully dried, the flowers will be quite hard and actually quite tough. And ready for further embellishments.

Have fun, Petra.


Karen The Graphics Fairy said...

Oh perfect! I'm so glad you posted this, I will defintly be trying this out!!!

Tammara said...

Wow, how fun! Thank you for sharing with all of us how to make those beautiful flowers.

hellerlittle said...

Tolle Idee, das werde ich doch sicherlich bald mal testen müssen *danke


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