Saturday, 26 September 2009

Showtime ....

.... at Alexandra Palace. Tomorrow is THE big day. I go with two friends to the big stamp and scrapbooking show - yippeeeeeeee ...... We haven't been talking about much else the last days or even weeks. It is sooooo exciting. I have not to this show before and it is only my second crafty one at all. The first I visited was in Farnborough which was nice but it was a bit disappointing as it was very quiet. So, we will see how this one will be, I am really looking forward to it.
I made myself a list of everything I need/want to buy and will try very hard to be a good girl and stick to my list. Well, you can always try ........ One of my friends told me that they have an ATC swap at Alexandra Palace so I made some ATCs to take along. I still need to finish the backing on some:

sorry for the quality of the photos, it is not so easy to take photos with flash, the colours just look washed out and the stickers show reflection :-(

take a break cupcakes

eat cake

ladies shopping


Which reminds me, I need some ATC sleeves .....
Hope you have an enjoyable Sunday, Petra.

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