Sunday, 13 September 2009


Do you feel the same? Although the days are wonderfully sunny, the mornings and evenings are getting quite chilly already. The air smells of fading blooms, trees are loosing their first leaves, the last fruits are to be harvested.

It is autumn!

The pears are picked and stored in a cool and dry place.

Most of the apples have become victims of the wind. More apples have fallen down than there are hanging on the tree. In one way this is a shame as there will be hardly any left for the winter month. And the question is always what to do with the windfall ones. This time I decided to make 'Apfelmus' or applesauce:

Cut the apples into smallish junks, mix them with cinnamon, a little bit of light brown sugar and a tiny amount of water. Then simmer it for a few minutes till the sauce has the consistency you like. I like it when it is not entirely smooth :-) . I always use a French Jam Pot (Bassine a Confiture en cuivre) for this process. It is fabulous!
When I was a child, my grandma used to eat applesauce with maccaroni and fried bread crumbs, I loved it. These days I like the applesauce best with yoghurt - although thinking about it, Peter likes it best with some nice piece of pork.

And then the last blackberries.

They are now very very sweet and tasty - yummy. But what to do with them. Jam, Freezing, ... quite boring so I went for some delicious little blackberry cakes.

... picking, preparing and adding to the dough ...

... fill it into cupcake cases and bake ...

... the result - even better with a little dusting of icing sugar ...

Yummy! Have a good start into a new week. Petra.

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