Monday 19 April 2010

Placemat Project

Our placemats at home need replacing. I was already about to buy new ones when I thought it should be possible to make my own ones ... starting a nice little project. I started to look around which design and how to .... fabric, plastic, paper ..... in the end I settled for some digital graphic designs printed on A3 paper and then being laminated ... nothing sophisticated, very easy to do
The first placemat is finished and I like it. It is probably quite nice for kids because they can look at all the little details or play some sort of memory or .... if they get bored with their food (LOL). All images are from Tack-O-Rama Free Clipart ... apart from one little detail which I couldn't resist to sneak in .... some vegetables from the Graphics Fairy ...can you spot them?
Designing placemats is great fun . There are more to come and hopefully by next Monday I can show you the complete collection. Bon Appetit! Petra.


Haverford House said...

I see carrots! Love your placemat - what fun when you're kids are sitting down for dinner to enjoy! ~Marcy

Karen The Graphics Fairy said...

Very cute Petra! This would make meal time more fun for any child!! Thanks for linking this up to "Brag Monday".


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