Sunday 22 November 2009

Christmas Fair - All well that ends well

We did it, it is all over and it was quite a bit of success. I am , of course, talking about today's Christmas Fair. This morning it was all a bit of a rush, and I am sure all of you who have ever participated in such an endeavour know what it is all about, have we got everything, what is missing, will people like what we have etc. I talk in 'we' because my lovely daughter helped me with the fair. Without her I wouldn't have been able to do it

Due to my illness I was not able to bake as much before the fair as I had planned so I was a bit worried that it maybe would not have been enough. But I must say it was the right amount as we were almost sold out!!! What an experience.

A choice of what was on offer:

I will now put my feet up and have a cup of tea. Have a good week, Petra.

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Milliesmarvels said...

I hope you managed to have a good rest after your busy day! Your stall looked fab and your cakes tasted as good as they looked! It was a great day! Congratulations on your great success!


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