Thursday 19 November 2009

Keyrings: felt and fabric - nestabilities and stamps

Recently I saw some really nice and cute keyring made out of felt. They looked so tempting that I thought it is a nice idea to have a go myself

There were just a couple of obstacles: to cut out the shapes by hand, to hand draw the images, ...... At the time I didn't have one of these fancy cutting machines nor did I know anything about nestabilities. After I heard about the wonders when using those machines I found a craft group where I was able to try different machines, different shapes with different material. And ... IT WORKED! I was absolutely amazed. So, I have a Big Shot and various nestabilities and are happily cutting out shapes :-)
For the keyrings I used felt as basic material, cut the felt into various shapes. I embellishment the basic shape with filling material and embellished it with buttons, ribbons, stitching and stamped images. This was quite a steep learning curve because I wanted the image to be durable. So I had to source the correct ink. In the end I settled for Fabrico ink (which has now been taken over by Versa inks). The fabric should be reasonably smooth so that the image is nicely transferred.
The keyrings are mostly handstitched. I made one (the red one) with the sewing machine but didn't like the result at all.

I will definitely make some more of those. They are such good fun although I am not quite sure what to do with them at the moment :-) Petra.

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