Tuesday 3 November 2009

Craftsuprint Challenge

Still being ill and leaving poor Jane all on her own at work I realized that I had completely forgotten to tell you about the Craftsuprint Challenge. You could download a design for free and then use the design to create a card for the competition. Some time early October I came across the challenge and thought that it would be nice to sign up and get a free download :-) I chose an Advents Calendar. I love these calendars. They are very traditional in Germany and are part of the build up to Christmas.
October was a very busy month and I had almost forgotten about it but then my daughter reminded me that the deadline for the challenge was 31st of October. So I set to work with just two days to go; unfortunately being ill my enthusiasm and ideas faltered and I did find it extremely hard to come up with a design which showed the calendar nicely.
Looking through all the lovely craft blogs to get some inspirations the tri-fold shutter card caught my eye and I eventually set to work. It was quite a bit of a challenge, I was under time pressure and I ran out of motivation but I made it in the end :-)

Voting for the cards is now open and the result will be published in December. Have a look at the entries, there are some really really amazing cards in the gallery. Petra.

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