Sunday, 25 October 2009

Catching up

Oh dear, I just realized I haven't posted anything for ages! Looking back there just didn't seem to be any time. Peter and I went to Amsterdam for a few days. Peter had to run the Amsterdam Halfmarathon and all in all it was a good excuse to visit our friend Sylvia.

Amsterdam is good fun, hustling and bustling. They have the most amazing cafes with excellent cakes and wonderful coffee, one cafe right on the 7th floor of the public library where you can sit have a fabulous coffee and enjoy the views over Amsterdam. And all the cyclists. If you are not used to it, it is quite dangerous because bycicles have almost always priority and I had to jump quite often to get out of the way!

And elephants were in town - a whole parade of gentle marvelously painted baby elephants ...... all sculptures which are exhibited throughout Amsterdam at the moment and which will be auctioned for charity later.

Amsterdam is well worth a visit and I am sure we will go back quite soon.

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