Sunday 9 August 2009


I love summer, sitting in the garden reading, having a sundae and just enjoy some lazy relaxed hours. But .... having a garden which is half pleasure half productive, there is always something to do. Vegetables and fruits are ripening and harvest time seems to approach very fast: plums, apples, blackberries and the first peaches. Yes, we had peaches. I still cannot quire believe it as these were the very first ever peaches we got from our little peach tree.

I planted the tree last year in autumn. And now we had already some fruits. The fruits were yellow-red, the flesh inside a delicious soft yellow. The peaches were so ripe that the skin came off as soon as I touched it. The juice ran down my fingers and it was just absolutely delicious, sweet and refreshing. It tasted truly of summer.

After the fresh fruits it was time for some food-naughtiness: rocky road bars. I had found a recipe and wanted to try it. Naturally it turned into something slightly different as I had not all ingredients mentioned in the recipe at hand. And I have the habit to twist and tweak cake recipes anyway till they are not recognisable anymore. The aim is always to have a cake or bisquits where you do not only want to eat one piece but two or three or .........
It did not quite work with the rocky road bars, that's why I call them 'rocky path cakes' - they still need some tweaking. Here is the first attempt:

Anyone who would like to guess what is in the cakes? Well, definitely lots and lots of chocolate! Just the right start into a new week.

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