Wednesday 19 August 2009

ATC & Swap

This is so dangerous! What started as a 'well, let's just do it once for fun' has very quickly become something like an addiction: ATCs. They are sooooooo easy to make, sooooooo much fun and the leftovers from the card making sessions find a brilliant use. It was Jane who mentioned it first. And my first swap was with Craft Ambrosia. Very soon Jane and myself looked for further swaps. And it didn't take very long when the idea was born to organize our own. And this is what we did: Addicted to ATCs, a monthly swap where everybody taking part creates three ATCs related to a specific theme. July was the first swap month, topic: About Me. It was VERY exciting especially when we received the first ATCs.
My contribution:

Probably my most favourite hobby (some call it my obsession): baking. I would not need to do anything else - maybe apart from cards and ATCs .......

gardening bug: I love gardening, flowers, vegetables, fruits, all garden life. I just enjoy being outside, see it grow - unforutnately sometimes not - and harvest. At certain moments in the garden I feel the world is mine :-)

Peter and his beloved old Mini: this is an on-going project to be enjoyed for the years to come.

In return I received three other ATCs which are so nice:

This month's swap is: Summer Treats. If you would like to take part, just visit our blog and follow the signs. My input for August? Well, I cannot tell you yet - maybe next month ....

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