Monday 24 August 2009

Summer harvest

It is summer time. Warm and sunny. The bees in the garden are extremely busy collecting the pollen from various flowers. And the wasps are very busy to eat my apples and plums! Luckily there is enough for all of us.

Last weekend and almost every evening last week I picked plums and either froze them or made 'Pflaumenmus'. This is quite German/Czech:

Plum Jam (Pflaumenmus)

This is a Czech recipe for all those who find normal plum jam too sweet.

Czech in the sense that it originates from the German settlers in Bohemia.

(C. Dannemann)

The plums are cut into pieces, spiced with cinnamon, gloves and anis. If the plums are very sweet (not this year though), I don't use any sugar. Then it is possible to eat it as jam but also with cheese. The mixture needs to simmer on the oven for 4 to 6 hours depending on the amount until it is very very thick. I then fill it into jars and close them immediately with twist-off lids.
The result is absolutely yummy .......... :-) Petra.

Victoria plums ----------- Plum jam on pancakes

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love your thoughts on the plum jam. I make a lot of fig jam because we have a very prolific fig tree.
Nice to meet you.


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