Friday 31 August 2012

Cake Teaser

I have been working on a new cake almost every evening this week ... it's getting closer to be finished. It is a Christening cake for a sweet little girl called Violet. When taking the photos, I thought it might be quite good fun to give you a chance to have a guess what it would be once it is finished (lol) ... and whoever gets it right (or get very close) will get a little something! ... So here it goes
sculpted, filled and covered with vanilla buttercream
I will show you the finished cake on Sunday. Come on let's play and have a guess! Wishing you all a lovely weekend, Petra.


Unknown said...

Whatever it is it looks iteresting. Initially I thought it might be a doll but there aren't any arms!

Shelly Schmidt said...

How fun is this! I made a horse cake once for my daughters birthday- looks like a hard shape you are attempting.

stamping sue said...

right now it looks like an alien but wouldn't think that would be it since it is a cake for a Christening. let's see what does a little girl be a princess, or it looks like it could be humpty dumpty....add a another head to be a snowperson.
stamping sue

Sherry said...

Well, the pants look a bit square, so could it be the adorable SpongeBob? Whoever it is, the little girl will be in for a treat x

Ibarra Creations 4U said...

It looks like a very comfy sofa...maybe??? :)

stamping sue said...

I saw the post with the bees so maybe the main part of the cake is a bear! you know a honey bear like Winnie the Pooh.
stamping sue

stamping sue said...

O.k. knowing there are bees how about the main part of the cake being a honey bear like Winnie the Pooh!
stamping sue


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