Sunday 6 February 2011

Paperswap - Wrapping and Boxes

My very first paperswap with LaWendula last December .... it was exciting although I didn't quite know what to expect and even less what to send! But there was nothing to worry ... I was teamed up with the very talented and most generous and kind lady: Faerwillow. She took me by the hand and helped me with my first paperswap steps. Thank you so much, my dear friend!
It was December and the theme was: Wrapping and Boxes whereby one of the 'rules' was not to make it too christmasey. I prepared a kraftcard box
(A4 kraft box - covered with newspaper snippets, image from Flickr and international postage)

which I filled with some papers and some other bits and pieces. If you are interested in the contents, Faerwillow posted a wonderful article about the parcel on her blog.
In return I received the most generous, eclectic and unique selection of papers, beads, shells, crafted items, jingles, .....
a wonderful card with one of Faerwillow's magnificient photos
the box covered with music sheet and glitter, beads, wire, a little tree, ....
paper and snippets in wonderfully folded envelopes, a paperdoll with autumn leaves
more little folded boxes and wonderful art

I cannot thank you enough, Faerwillow - take care my friend.
I wish you all a good start into a new week. Petra.


Valerie-Jael said...

Wow, what great goodies you got there! Enjoy!

Unknown said...

What a lovely swap Petra. I will have to pop along to see what you sent but knowing you you were very generous too Swaps are fun. maybe we should do one this year (a swap of some sort) let me know via e-mail what you think and if you have any ideas (don't worry if you have loads to do though)

Love Dawn xx

love Dawn xx

brandi said...

~good mroning my dearest friend...i have been wandering about your space here...and your creative magic seems to be in full force!!! i love your valentine charm you created and all these sweet little rabbits bouncing about makes my heart sing for spring!!! i love each one!!!

as for this here post...sigh...i am so happy you recieved the package safe and sound and enjoyed the pieces sent is kind of hard knowing if one will truly like or find purpose with their treasures recieved...i do hope some sparked you imagination!!! it was one of the most delightful swaps thus far but the greatest part was meeting you and forging our friendship...i thank you deeply for the love and blessings and words you have sent are a gift my dear friend...i hope this finds you well...much love light and blessings always shining brightly upon you~


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