Thursday 17 February 2011

OWOH - Winners 2011

Oh, it was so wonderful and enjoyable to travel around blogland to see the work of all these amazing artists. I have to admit I really tried but didn't quite manage to get around to visit all blogs ... there was just so much to see and read and to make so many new friends. I found a lot of blogs I will re-visit.
And one of the biggest surprises was the number of people leaving so kind and lovely comments on my blog. I am so amazed, thank you to all of you and I hope you enjoyed your stay with me!
And now, the door-prizes. Well, I know I announced two but so many of you visited my blog (262 in total ... wow!), so I decided to send two more (to be decided what) ... so there will be a total of four winners. And here are the random numbers ... and then the counting:

door-prize 1
no 121 - Jules Woolford from Adventures in Thread

door-prize 2
no 244 - Lemondrop Marie

door-prize 3
no 143 - Robin from A Robin's Nest

door-prize 4
no 15 - Heidi from Heidi's Happenings

Big congratulations to all the winners. I will post everything as soon as I have all the addresses.

And guess what, it was such great fun that I already signed up for the new event organized by Lisa. Have a look, sign up and have a wonderful evening, Petra.


Heidi said...

Oh my goodness and I just adored those PINK hearts. I was so hoping to win one of those! I was not able to email you, it wouldn't allow it when I clicked on it. So my emails is
I will be looking forward to your email. Thank you so much!

Robin said...

So happy I got to meet you during OWOH Petra! Can't believe out of all those comments, I actually won one of your door prizes. I can't wait to see what it will be :)


Sparklyjools said...

Thank you so much Petra, I still cannot believe I won. I'm so looking forward to finding out the mystery of your beautiful gifts. it was so lovely to meet you through OWOH.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my goodness, Petra!!! This is so exciting for the winners!!!
It was really fun, don't you think? SO nice to meet all these people--what a great blog event!

Lynn Stevens said...

Congrats to your lucky winners Petra and I know I signed up for next years event too.
cool huh!
hugs Lynn


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