Saturday 7 August 2010

Look-a-Like Cake

Well, at least I hope it looks sort of like ......
When I received the request for the cake, I didn't even know about it ... I think I am not quite up-to-date anymore with the world of the little ones (LOL)

Hope Yojojo is recognisable maybe apart from the colour but I was asked to use Tartrazine-free colouring for the outer sugarpaste layer of the cake. Unfortunately the colour range for such colouring pastes is still limited so Yojojo looks rather creamy than brownish ......
Vanilla Sponge
filled with raspberry jam and Vanilla buttercream

Enjoy your weekend, Petra.


Netty said...

ooh you clever girl you. Its terrific, am sure they will love it. Annette x

Sherry said...

It looks so yummy Petra! I hadn't heard of that little character either, but looked at the link - and I think you've nailed it! I bet the birthday child will love it!

Lindsay Weirich said...

That is just AMAZING!!! e is a cute ans can be, If I made that I would not let anyone eat it! It must have taken hours, boy, it really looks teriffic! Thanks for sharing:)

~*~Patty S said...

OOO how very creative Petra, that character is a new one on me ... wondering how it is pronounced even LOL
It certainly is a unique shape and design, bet it was yummy!


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