Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Hugz from the Heart

A last minute heart .....

... for the Hugz from the Heart Valentine's challenge ... please do go and have a look at all the amazing hearts created by all the talented participants ..... the template was provided by Viv who is ever so creative and inspiring
.... due to my brain being jammed at the moment it took me an awful long time to decide what I wanted to do and due to my Mom deciding (she is always very quick with her decisions!) she needs a new computer which, of course, had to be set up by somebody (lol) the heart only started yesterday to take some shape. Over the last hours it evolved into a double-heart .... innocent white ..... crocheted with cotton thread and embellished with lots of little glas beads, lace, netting, ......
the back
and being a double-heart it also has an inner compartment which can be filled
.... with a lot of HUGZ

Happy Valentine, hugz Petra.


Simply Debbie said...

oh my......what a gorgeous heart you created. it is so very, very beautiful. i love everything you put on it.
amazing job
simply debbie

Viv said...

Absolutely stunning piece of work Petra....unfortunately I didn't get it in the swap!!! x

Pattie said...

WOW This is simply amazing and its all MINE lol
beautiful work Petra as usual,you have a wonderful talent ! cant wait to receive it ! xxx

Jan said...

Petra this is just so amazingly beautiful. Lucky Pattie! You are a very talented lady and your recipies are delicious too!


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