Sunday, 2 March 2014

Photo Session #15 - Reading Half Marathon & wonderful News

Well, let's start with the hard work before moving on to some wonderful news (lol). Last year in September two friends and myself had the idea of taking part in the Reading Half Marathon .... but not to run it but to walk it! We trained, we talked and planned. We worked out that we would have 10 minutes for 1km in order to arrive at the finish before the cut-off time .... and today was THE day: 13 miles (21km) walking ... it was hard it was faster than we ever thought we would be ... Carlos was the pacemaker and he is FAST. We did it in: around 03 hrs and 22 minutes .... yippeehhhh we made and got a medal! And here are some photos - courtesy of Carlos
the three of us at mile 8: Carlos - me - Veronica
 with wonderful supporters all along the way
... and here is the finish .... yipppeehhhh
And now to some wonderful and totally unexpected news: I made the top three of the Craft Stamper Magazine 'Take it Make it Challenge 7' with one of my Black&White cards .... what a lovely surprise, I am truly chuffed (BIG SMILE).
Have a lovely week, Petra. x


Lucy Edmondson said...

Oh petra you wonderful person! So proud! Xx

Lucy x

2amscrapper said...

How wonderful all the way around Petra!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Congrats Petra and x's 2. Awesome job to complete the 1/2 marathon and Congrats for making the top three- Wahoo!!!

Valerie-Jael said...

Well done on your marathon, just fantastic, and for the top three at craft stampers - I am proud of you! Valerie

Terry said...

Congratulations and more congratulations! Both are so well deserved! Love the "You can do it" sign! Enjoy the week.

Michele said...

congratulations on all fronts and well done! happy you completed the half marathon (that's a long way!) and happy you took top 3 with your gorgeous card. i saw your goddess pendants on the lunagirl site. will you be selling them? they are stunning and i'd love to buy one! xoxo

Lynn Stevens said...



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