Thursday 13 February 2014

Photo Session #13 - South Devon/Beesands 08.02.2014: Never Give Up

Well, I thought the race should have been cancelled ... South Devon/Beesands last weekend flooding everywhere and more bad weather to come .... but the Endurancelife race organisers have this slogan: Never Give Up ... so it was not cancelled or re-scheduled and my DH still training hard for his long race had to go and I, well, I went with him ... although quite reluctant I have to admit. And it was quite an experience ... the area is absolutely beautiful with its small villages, wonderful beaches and brilliant walks along the coast ... if it would not have been for the weather ... like in April with sunshine and rain and not to mention the hail which felt like bullets and the gusts (up to 80 mph) and the mud .... and some flooding along the way ....
here they are waiting for the start (marathon distance)
facing some muddy paths and rainy weather and hail during the day
quiet moments full of sunshine and wonder
 effects of the storm
 some flooding along the trail
 and he made it and he did really well!
 While Peter was running, I went for a walk and experienced all the difficulties just like the runners and I enjoyed it (lol)
See you for the next adventure! Keep safe, dry and warm wherever you are.

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Valerie-Jael said...

Great photos and well done to your hubby! Valerie


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