Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Photo Session #6 - Away From Home

Recently I have not been at home a lot, one reason why my crafting has come to a bit of a hold. At the beginning of the month I went up North to Hartlepool, Peter's home-town, with its endless sandy beaches. It was for a sad occasion, the funeral of Peter's uncle. It came very sudden ....

Last weekend then we went to Norway to celebrate the birthdays of two of our friends. Norway is a beautiful country with its clear blue sky and sea and the never-ending forests

Two occasions which could not be more different ... life is so precious.
Take care, Petra.


Krisha said...

Hi Petra, was wondering where you have been, my condolences. Glad there was celebrating to oin in afterwards. Beautiful pics. Always want to visit Norway, my Grandmother came from there.

Valerie-Jael said...

True, life is precious, and we never know....Sorry about your husband's Uncle! Valerie


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