Saturday 19 January 2013

Photo Session #1 - Snowy Days

It finally arrived ..... the first snow this winter! It looks wonderful and so magical outside. Everything is covered in this soft white fluffy stuff which is so cold and wet and so disruptive to daily life but .... I LOVE it. We went for a little snow walk yesterday and it was brilliant to see so many kids with their sleighs (it doesn't happen that often here in the South of England (lol) ) truly enjoying themselves. I could not resist to take a few photos
Wishing you a lovely weekend, stay safe and warm, Petra.


Viv said...

Great pics Petra. Snow here too - am lovin' it! x

Krisha said...

Great pictures! Love the ones of the bikes.

Laura Turner said...

So beautiful. Thanks for sharing these relaxing photos. Enjoy this bliss!

Laura from

Netty said...

Great photos Petra x


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