Saturday 4 February 2012

Thomas II and Weather

Earlier this week the first crocusses and daffodils were flowering and it was relatively mild for January. This has all changed! This morning the temperatures had plummeted quite considerably and this year's first ice flowers had appeared on one of our windows. A few hours ago it has now started to snow ...

... and the world outside looks more and more like a magical place, I cannot wait to see the snow in daylight tomorrow morning!
You might ask what has this got to do with Thomas the Tank Engine ... well, he set off for the birthday of a little Thomas the Tank Engine fan and has been lucky enough to arrive safely before frost and snow arrived
Stay warm and safe wherever you are! Petra.

1 comment:

Lynn Stevens said...

WOW Petra, Fabulous cake. I'm going to a Birthday party for my two great nephews today. They are huge Thomas the Train fans!!!
hugs Lynn


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