Tuesday 25 October 2011

A Visit To The Botanical Garden

We just love to visit the botanical garden in London (UK), Kew Gardens. It is a place full of beauty, tranquility and excitement at the same time. It offers so much at all seasons but Autumn is my favourite with the rich colours, the long shadows in the afternoon and the anticipation that the cycle of nature is about to come to a close to be reborn.
It is also a wonderful place to visit with children. They can run, explore and play to their hearts content.
Enjoy the season, Petra. x


Valerie-Jael said...

Thanks for sharing, I would love to visit there again one day, too! Nice memories for me! Valerie

~*~Patty S said...

ooo you lucky thing you dear Petra!

It was long long ago that I was lucky enough to visit Kew Gardens...a magical and beautiful place

your mosaic is gorgeous!


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