Thursday 4 November 2010

Experimental Plastic Crochet

Quite a while ago I saw some interesting pieces of art made of plastic bags on the web ... unfortunately I cannot remember which website or which blog, sorry for this. One of the projects used recycled plastic bags cut in stripes and crocheted. This afternoon I went to see Lucy which is always very enjoyable, and because I had no time to prepare anything for this little crafting session, I just took a plastic bag, a scissor and a crochet hook ready to do a little experiment with a plastic bag. Although I kept the crochet extremely simple and small, I am quite impressed with the result

I can see endless possibilities. Lucy suggested to use them as Christmas Tree ornaments .. a really lovely idea. There is only one small problem now ... I normally don't have plastic bags (this one came from a friend) as I always use fabric bags for shopping ... maybe I could start a collection (lol) Petra.

1 comment:

Sherry said...

They look great Petra - especially the green wreath one. Although I now use fabric bags for my shopping, I do still have quite a collection of the plastic ones - mostly bright orange - ooops just too late for Halloween - LOL.


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