Saturday, 6 April 2013

Ken in Samba Mood & CraftBarn Extravaganza

One of my colleagues retired, she is now a lady of leisure - lucky her! - and his time on her hands for a little latin-american adventure: Ken with sombrero in Samba mood
It is all edible apart from the lovely rose in his hand and the sombrero. I could not find a suitable sombrero to buy so I crocheted it myself with cotton wool. The pattern for the sombrero was based on this one. It was great fun and I might make some more - such for the fun of it!

We (this is Lucy and I) had also great fun today at the Craft Barn Extravaganza for the opening of their new premises. It is really lovely, a very nice space with lots of lights. We also had the pleasure to meet some very talented crafters giving demos - Neil Walker and Helen Chilton just to name two of them. Helen was so kind to give us two of her creations and even signed them!
 Wishing you a lovely Sunday, Petra.


Terry said...

I am so glad that Lucy and you had such a lovely day and even walked away with some lovely samples! Petra, that cake is amazing! Again, I called my hubby over to come have a look! Enjoy the weekend!

Sharon said...

Oh wow how fantastic - very clever & LOL I love the PINK!!!

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is so fab and wonderful to see it having talked about it! I think your colleague should get that skirt off him pdq! Thank you for a lovely day in your company yesterday, xx

Lucy x

Sugar Lump Studios said...

A very clever cake indeed!


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